Spotlight: Suiting, Reimagined

"The suit is a machine for living in, close-fitting but comfortable armour, constantly revised and reinvented to be, literally, well suited for modern daily life."
– Cally Blackman, writer, professor

   Women have used fashion as their tool for centuries, but none so much as the professional woman of the 1980s. Entering a sphere that was, until then, populated almost entirely by men, required a special kind of armor. The suit that was born for this task was full of subversive visual queues. Wide shoulders insinuated a primeval power, and allowed women to occupy physical space in a way that asserted their place in the professional world unequivocally. Simultaneously, the nipped-in waists accentuated the female form. The message wasn't subtle: Our femininity does not belie our power- we are a force to be reckoned with. 

   Now, decades later, it is time to reimagine our armor. Inspired by the courage of the women who shattered glass ceilings, Arcana has designed the suit for the modern woman.  With a nod to the 1980s power suit, our FW17 suit evokes the insouciant coveralls of WWII munitions mechanics, as well as the glamor of Marlene Dietrich's menswear ensemble. 

   Women today need our clothing to keep up. From the conference room to the art gallery, from the 9-to-5 to drinks with friends, from spring to fall, rain or shine. The Horologist-Bone Clocks Suit eschews the workplace uniform while remaining professional. Pant and blazer can be worn separately for looks ranging from casual to semiformal, and together or on their own, can be styled to be as conservative or edgy as the occasion demands. Made from fine Japanese cupro with a touch of stretch, the Horologist-Bone Clocks Suit is breathable, machine-washable and can move with you comfortably throughout your varied day. 

This is the armor of the modern woman. This is the suit to conquer the world in. 

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